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from which method of teaching management appropriate teeth in Vietnam

from which method of teaching management appropriate teeth in Vietnam, proceed to implant the implants for implantation you will be examined by your doctor if your jaw bone is qualified to mean that the jaw bone is not stained and that the size of the implants is implanted. carry out transplant. In addition, your doctor will advise you to check your general health first if your health is healthy and will facilitate insertion as planned. The structure of the implant cylinder is made of absolutely safe materials that do not cause irritation to the body and affect health. Where to grow Implant? Anyone who is losing one or more teeth, or having problems with dentures and ceramic bridges, is the ideal solution for us. In cases where one or two teeth are missing, the doctor will place one or two implants corresponding to the position of the missing teeth and attach the crown to the top.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Causes food to get trapped in the teeth

Causes food to get trapped in the teeth

Oral hygiene is the area of direct contact with food, so food through and trapped is easy to understand. However, the cause of food stuck to the teeth can be due to teeth are deeply tilted teeth, toothed teeth, toothed teeth, teeth … Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The main reason is that the sparse teeth occupy the majority. When the food gets stuck, it builds up over time and produces bacteria. At this time, the bacteria attack the structure of the teeth and soft tissue, causing damage to the teeth. Therefore, food stuck in the teeth, you should not despise but need to find a way to remedy promptly and quickly.

How to overcome the food stuck in the teeth

To be effective, patients need to determine the cause of food stuck in the teeth. From there, apply appropriate treatment.

Use floss only for food after each meal, or use at the end of the day. On the side, do not use toothpicks. The more you use the toothpick, the more likely it is that your gums are enlarged and the more stuff you eat.

– In case of false teeth, holes in the cavities, the dentist will have a direct examination and counseling.

– In the case of open tooth, interstitial teeth can be treated by filling method. However, if the incisors are incurable, cannot be treated by dental fillings that must be treated with porcelain crowns.

The method of porcelain crowns will close the gap and prevent the cramping of food. Treatment of this method, it is necessary to grind the tooth from the real tooth. After that, crowns will be attached to restoration of both aesthetic and functional eating. vietnam dentist prices

In addition to the above remedies, proper oral care plays an important role in protecting the teeth and preventing trapped food. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and regular dental checkups every 6 months.

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