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The rated song has a stage teeth in Vietnam

The rated song has a stage teeth in Vietnam. Should pregnant women pull their teeth? Oral problems pregnant women often encounter? Especially during the second month of pregnancy, mothers easily notice from the food, lime accumulates on the teeth, and due to the inflammation response should benefit around the root of the swollen red. Although most do not have pain, the gums easily bleed when brushing. If bleeding is not brushing, food and lime accumulate more and more. The fetus grows, the uterus will swell up and the stomach will shrink and the mother will be full and hungry, which also causes mothers to snack on pastries this is the cause of increased tooth decay. Although modern technology is considered by many international experts to be the ideal dental implant solution of the future, it is a perfect replacement for bridges, but there are cases where this solution cannot be applied.

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In fact, only 6-8 implant cylinders are required to ensure aesthetically pleasing and functional chewing function for the full jaw rather than performing All On 4.

All On 4 implants require 4 fixed implant cylinders, but the disadvantage is that when eating chewing, the impact force spread evenly over the teeth, but only four pillars of the implant support should limit the ability to chew very well a lot of.

Implant All On 4 restriction chewing force

To ensure that all teeth are firmly implanted, patients should implant implants with 6-8 cylinders to ensure that the patient’s daily meals become more stable and comfortable.

On the other hand, after performing All On 4 for a while, patients have to remove to repair or clean periodically 1-2 times per year. With implanted dental implant fixed 6-8 pillars, the oral hygiene is convenient and easy, no need to remove.

Implant All In 4 costs about $ 6,000 or more, while implementing a conventional solution with six implants costs about $ 6,000 – $ 8,000. vietnam dentist prices

It is better to implant implants from 6-8 pillars to ensure chewing and reduce costs. In cases of excessive bone loss, it is possible to achieve implant implants using dental Implant I-DENT.

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