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Usually do not eat a dish teeth in Vietnam

Usually do not eat a dish teeth in Vietnam. Dental implants change the look of the teeth. Before developing dental implants, people with dentures can not chew many kinds of food; This has all changed with the widespread use of dental implants. Since then, the market for dental implants has exploded. The global market for dental implants is estimated at $ 9.1 billion by 2018. Why Dental Implants? According to the dentists, permanent teeth restorations are often those who are having dental problems such as: Uneven teeth, not beautiful, not bring good luck in work as well as in life (in the opinion of the general education Tooth defects: Tooth decay, chills, congenital malformations, or dental imbalances. Normally, before dental porcelain is made, the patient will be consulted and consulted with the dentist. For 2-3 days, patients may come to fix the teeth with dental cement or causes tooth decay to recur.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dental aesthetics and related issues teeth

When should I do teeth? What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

– When your teeth are missing or colored stains caused by smoking or by improper daily hygiene. All the unwanted effects on teeth deteriorate, the doctor will grind the broken enamel and make the porcelain surface to stick to that defect. This makes your teeth beautiful again.

– When the teeth are deep, shattering, porcelain paste will not bring the most effective effect. At this time the dentist will proceed to grind for that small teeth and create a porcelain tooth to compensate for that defect. In this case, the specialists called porcelain crowns. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Pros and cons when making aesthetic teeth?

Currently there are 4 types of porcelain teeth. The first is the type of porcelain teeth usually range from 800,000 to 1.5 million one. The next type is titanium dioxide which costs between 1.8 and 3 million units, more expensive than 4-5 million units. Especially porcelain made of gold or platinum is priced in the gold price.

Although porcelains are priced differently, if they are cosmetically correct, each type can be used well and permanently. However, the metal porcelain has a disadvantage that will be exposed black when the light is shining through and heavier so it’s aesthetic is not as high as other porcelain. Dental tourim in Vietnam

What to do when making cosmetic teeth?

The first thing in cosmetic dental cases is to ensure that the least important purpose is most important to restore the best condition to the chewing function of the teeth. After completion, the teeth will be like real teeth, bring real feelings and eat normal chewing, talk normally.

Next is the aesthetic criteria that will evaluate whether aesthetic teeth are good or not. Whether teeth are made inside or outside the teeth, it must also bring aesthetics in the best way. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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