Bức Tường played a pivotal role in the development of rock in Vietnam và became a symbol of change for a generation who dared to pioneer a dream.

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Formed in 1995 & coming from humble beginnings, the band bức tường chắn was one of the first successful rock bands in Vietnam.

Bức Tường’s compositions were simple yet rich in humanity, creating a whole new audience for Vietnamese rock.

Through their career, the band released six studio albums, performed a series of live shows, & toured domestically và internationally. Bức tường is also one of the few rock bands to lớn be honored by the prestigious Dedication Music Award -- with two nominations & a win for show of the year.

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Unfortunately, in 2016, trần Lập -- the frontman and composer -- passed away after his battle with cancer. Tường ngăn was in danger of disbanding, potentially leaving their 2014 album Đất Việt as their last.

But the members of bức tường chắn decided lớn continue their unfinished journey.

Vocalist Phạm Anh Khoa, a talented rocker, was chosen as the new lead singer. è cổ Tuấn Hùng -- the current leader of bức tường chắn -- said, "We don’t want anyone khổng lồ replace Lập"s leadership position. But khổng lồ move on, tường ngăn needs a vocalist to deliver new compositions. Phạm Anh Khoa has been performing with us for a long time. His voice matches the music and style of the band in the new period. We’re collaborating well for many reasons."

With Bức Tường"s new member, Con Đường không Tên (The Unnamed Road) officially marks the return of the veteran rockers after six years. The album consists of 10 new songs written by two members, trần Tuấn Hùng & Vũ Văn Hà. The songs have a strong and resilient spirit. Bright, upbeat melodies with compelling rhythms remain the band"s main theme throughout the album. But new sounds have also been introduced,reflecting changes in the band"s evolution.

When releasing the tuy nhiên "XXV" in early 2020, it marked the band"s 25th anniversary. Sharing how they coped in making their way forward without their late leader, the band said, “Just as in our music, everywhere we walked was roses, but our feet were in pain because of the thorns."

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