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chấm dứt

Saigon River hotel Boutique

Theo dõi

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Quy mô:
58 Mạc Thị Bưởi, phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, hồ Chí Minh, vn

Welcome to beautiful và refreshingly new, Saigon River Boutique Hotel. Located in shady Mac Thi Buoi Street Saigon, neighbours khổng lồ many boutiques, restaurants, the stunningly beautiful Opera House, tree-lined Dong Khoi street, Saigon"s most fashionable and lượt thích wise a short walk to lớn the broad waters of Saigon River, from which the khách sạn takes its name.Maybe the essentials of life for you are Gucci, Hermes or the like, or perhaps you prefer lớn explore some of the fascinating lane ways, then they are all virtually at your door step, here at SGR Hotel. We would love to welcome you to lớn our hotel, so you can have the pleasure of all that there is lớn offer.Saigon River hotel is a small boutique hotel with 16 comfortable rooms. It has for many years welcomed both local & international travellers and established a sound reputation as a great place to stay and now after extensive renovations, a change of ownership & name change, the khách sạn presents itself first with a bold new facade that immediately tells you that this is a special place to stay. SGR khách sạn takes a fresh look at hospitality, paying great attention khổng lồ detail in the development of its design, comforts và the special experience it offers its guests.The attention paid lớn the redevelopment of the hotel, drew a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá from the expertise gained from other successful hotel projects in Viet Nam. A similar amount of attention has been taken in the selection of khách sạn staff, who are all young và importantly have a natural desire to lớn care for our guests, in an intelligent, warm and professional manner.The style of the khách sạn has been influenced by classic contemporary European design, particularly evident in the stylish reception area. Guest rooms however take a slightly more homely approach, aiming khổng lồ provide guests with a relaxed and comfortable environment.The owners have expressed their personal interest in contemporary art and other aspects of creativity và over a period of time this will become more evident as part of the hotels identity. There are four types of rooms from which lớn choose, ranging from the extremely spacious & beautifully appointed family room, to the standard room. The Standard room, is a neat và functional room, extremely suited to guests who simply require a clean comfortable, stylish room, where they can rest peacefully, after a busy day of touring or business. Many rooms feature a small balcony, where one can just simply step out side lớn enjoy the view, or maybe have a cigarette, whilst enjoying the đô thị from a new perspective. Some balconies are larger & offer chairs và table, where guests can relax và maybe enjoy a beer, as evening falls và fresh breezes from the coast cool the night.Breakfast is prepared by our two talented young chefs come to lớn us, after proving themselves prior to lớn their appointment, in quite prestigious kitchens, here in Saigon. Their food pays considerable attention lớn the freshness of the ingredients as well as to the visual presentation of their food. It is also our intention lớn grow many of our own herbs etc. To be used in the cooking, up in this new level of the hotel, which has both indoor & outdoor seating in a garden setting. From the front roof top terrace you have stunning views of the leafy neighbouring streets, the passing river traffic và at night the myriad of lights, that make Saigon one of most exciting cities in SE Asia.Other features of the khách sạn will include a welcoming small area in the reception, where delicious coffee, tea and tempting nibbles will be served. A convenient place for guests khổng lồ snack on arrival, in a most informal way, but also where you can be something of a spectator of the bustling Saigon life outside.Should guest require airport pick up, assistance with on going travel or general advice about where khổng lồ go, or what to lớn do, our hotel staff are only happy to anxious to lớn be of assistance, so we hope we have the opportunity to lớn welcome you, in the not too distant future."Saigon River Boutique khách sạn - Simply the Best"

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